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If you would like to bid on any of our current eBay items and pay by cashier check, money order (both ship pronto), ECheck & personal check
(with time for clearing), then feel free to go ahead & bid.  
100% Satisfaction Guarantee on eBay..... Your satisfaction is highly valued with us.

We are always ready to buy more old Navajo rugs & blankets.  
Also accepting high quality weaving consignments.    We can handle selling large collections of Navaho weavings.

***Our weavings/items consigned to Auctions are sold under that business' guidelines***
Des Moines, New Mexico  USA
We set up at a few choice shows each year & offer
pre-1940, authentic Navajo weavings.  This is a photo from
one of our booths or tables in the past.  We now show
(offer weavings) in  
Abilene, Tx, NM, Ft Worth, Tx, Santa
Fe, NM,
Prescott, Arizona, Amarillo, Tx, Albuquerque, New
Mexico, Ft. Worth, Texas and even have some weavings at
Great Falls, Montana... all at various times of the year.  
We'll keep you posted about where we will be here..  
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